We are excited to have you inquire about becoming our patient. We will do our best to ensure your expectations are met and our relationship is long-lasting.  (Note: we no longer accept Safeguard:) 

To avoid any confusion:
FIRST, BEFORE requesting an appointment, please  call your insurance company's customer service number on your insurance card to request you be assigned to our office. Coming in prior to getting assigned to our office may result in additional fees.

SECOND, please make an appointment with our office staff requesting an appointment as a new patient. If you have recent records you would like to bring with you that are less than two years old, you are encouraged to do so. If you have any health complications, please have your physician contact our office verifying that you are able to be seen at the dentist for dental work. Please have a copy of your health history and medications available on request.

GUARDIANS and CAREGIVERS Please note you are responsible for the patient and must be present in the waiting room while the patient is in the chair. 

Since 2009, we have not raised our fees, however due to the changing economy, inflation etc, we will be changing our fee structure to match current practices in billing and upgrades. IF YOU ALREADY HAVE A TREATMENT PLAN WITH US THE FEES REFLECTED ARE ONLY GOOD FOR 30 DAYS AND WILL BE RECALCULATED IF YOU DO NOT ACT TO SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT TO HONOR THOSE FEES.

All dos and don'ts being said, WELCOME TO OUR OFFICE!