We do all we can to protect the Personal Health Information (PHI) of our patients. Under the HIPAA laws of the United States, in fact,  we are prohibited to respond to any reviews negative or positive in order to protect our patient confidentiality.  As a matter of ethics, we will not post responses regardless how affirmative, anonymous or outrageous the review of our practice. Of course we appreciate any positive reviews but please understand for any medical/dental practice our options to acknowledge any reviews are quite limited and should be understood with that in mind.

Given this fact, we hope you give us the benefit of the doubt and entrust your dental health needs with our practice.  We follow the patients' bill of rights, ensuring that you receive a treatment plan in a timely manner or can provide you with one upon request. Always listening to the needs of the patient, we will always be the patient's advocate for their dental needs and work with you the patient to get the job done in a timely manner, striving to meet your budget. 


Dr. Jason Gee